Christian Marriage Sex - 3 Ways to Practice

Christian marriage sex can be a fun and exploratory journey. It is a celebration of both your religious belief in God and your intimacy between your Christian partner. Here are three important factors when practicing Christian marriage sex:

1. Focus not only on the physical, but the spiritual as well. You both treat faith as high priority, and you can easily translate this over to a healthy and exciting Christian marriage sex life which is based on much more than just physical pleasure. It is a practice which is really a celebration of God and all the wonderful gifts He has given us in the form of Love, and the practice of Sex. You can celebrate this love through intimate Christian marriage sex.

2. Don't worry about confusion. Worrying about confusion over Christian sex can tie a couple down to the point where they end up not becoming intimate as frequently as they should. As far as what is allowable under Christianity, researching online through sites and e-books can define the differing opinions, while also offering numerous techniques and ways to celebrate Christian marriage sex.

3. Mutually please one another. Take the time as a Christian in marriage sex, to ask your partner ways to expand or enhance this intimate celebration process. Make sure each you are receiving satisfaction from your intimate experiences. Taking time like this only serves to re-enforce the already tight bond, and can greatly enhance you're performance in Christian marriage sex, while re-affirming your appreciation for God's celebration gift of marriage sex.

Learning various methods of Christian marriage sex while focusing on celebrating the bond between you and God can take a Christian relationship to new exciting and intimate heights.


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